Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest – reconstruction of the Voit organs of the Cupola Hall and the Big Concert Hall cooperating with the Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH & Co. KG, Bonn.

Saint Angels Catholic Church, Budapest-Gazdagrét – Planning and constructing of an Iberian (Castilian) baroque organ

Reformed Church of Kálvin square, Hajdúböszörmény – Angster József&Son’s III/35 pneumatic organ’s repneumatizing. The project is Hungary’s first pneumatic reconstruction.

Würzburg, Prof. Christoph Bossert – Walcker II/10 mechanic conechest organ reconstruction

Reformed Church, Tiszakécske – Replanning of Rieger (1909), later Aquincum (2000) organ by Thüringen disciplines

Lutheran Church, Cegléd – Constructing and planning of the New Bach-organ, structural restoration of the church’s Bakos-organ built in 1875.

Lutheran Church, Szarvas – total pneumatic restoration of the Heroteck-Angster III/36 organ

Lutheran Church, Domony – restoration and reconstruction of Bakos organ built in 1890

Lutheran Church, Csomád– total restoration of Bakos organ (I/8) built in 1881

Reformed Church, Kunszentmiklós – wind-supply reconstruction, console restoration of Angster organ from 1908

Reformed Church, Baja – total restoration and pipe reconstruction of AngsterJózsef&Son organ factory’s op.775

Reformed Church, Dunaszentbenedek – total structural restoration of Országh organ built in 1876

Lutheran Church, Torvaj, – reconstruction of Hungary’s only pulpit organ from the 1750’s. Expert of the project: dr Gyula Kormos historian of instrument, organexpert of the Lutheran Church

Reformed Church, Budapest –Óbuda – Hungary’s first mechanic cone-chest reconstruction of Országh Sándor’s organ. Expert of the project: Balázs Szabó, organist, teacher of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest, OrganExpert professional

Reformed Church, Balatonkenese – pneumatic restoration of 1911 Angster’s pneumatic pouch chest organ

Reformed Church Széchenyi Str., Székesfehérvár, – general repairing and revoicing of the organ from 1952

Lutheran Church, Zalaistvánd– Total restoration of Angster Op. 303

Baptist tabernacle, Nagyvarsány –Building new reeds into the organ

St Dominican’s Church, Debrecen– total recovery, expansion and revoicing after baroque organs from the 18th century of a Weigle- organ transported from Germany

Reformed Church, Paks – Restoration of Országh Sándor’s organ from 1880

Total structural restoration, reconstruction of wind-supply, new blower in alternativ way, reconstruction of prospects, artistifical voicing according to Országh Sándor. Expert of the project: Balázs Szabó organist, teacher of Liszt Ferenc Music Academy of Budapest, OrganExpert professional