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Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest – reconstruction of the Voit & Söhne concert organ (1907) of the Great Hall as the partner of Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH&Co. KG

Hold street Reformed Church, Budapest planning and constructing the Bach-organ of Budapest for the jubilee of reformation

Saint Angels Catholic Church, Budapest-GazdagrétPlanning and constructing of an Iberian (Castilian) baroque organ

Reformed Church of Kálvin square, HajdúböszörményAngster József&Son’s III/38 pneumatic organ’s repneumatizing. The project is Hungary’s first pneumatic reconstruction.

Würzburg, Prof. Christoph Bossert – Walcker II/10 mechanic conechest organ reconstruction

Reformed Church, Tiszakécske – Replanning of Rieger (1909), later Aquincum (2000) organ by Thüringen disciplines

Lutheran Church, CeglédConstructing and planning of the New Bach-organ, structural restoration of the church’s Bakos-organ built in 1875.

Lutheran Church, Domony – restoration and reconstruction of Bakos organ built in 1890

Reformed Church, Kunszentmiklós – wind-supply reconstruction, console restoration of Angster organ from 1908

Reformed Church, Baja – total restoration and pipe reconstruction of AngsterJózsef&Son organ factory’s op.775

Lutheran Church, Torvaj, – reconstruction of Hungary’s only pulpit organ from the 1750’s. Expert of the project: dr Gyula Kormos historian of instrument, organexpert of the Lutheran Church

Reformed Church, Budapest –Óbuda – Hungary’s first mechanic cone-chest reconstruction of Országh Sándor’s organ. Expert of the project: Balázs Szabó, organist, teacher of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest, OrganExpert professional

Reformed Church, Balatonkenese – pneumatic restoration of 1911 Angster’s pneumatic pouch chest organ

St Dominican’s Church, Debrecen – total recovery, expansion and revoicing after baroque organs from the 18th century of a Weigle- organ transported from Germany

Reformed Church, Paks – Restoration of Országh Sándor’s organ from 1880

Total structural restoration, reconstruction of wind-supply, new blower in alternativ way, reconstruction of prospects, artistifical voicing according to Országh Sándor. Expert of the project: Balázs Szabó organist, teacher of Liszt Ferenc Music Academy of Budapest, OrganExpert professional

Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest – J. S. Bach-room’s organ’s recovering on baroque way

Planning and constructing the new blower- wind changer wind system, action adapting, revoicing with Dominique Thomas Belgian organbuilder

In the organ of Bach-room the AerisOrgona Ltd. built Hungary’ first archaic wind-supply.